Style Techniques That Accentuate The
Mature Classy Woman


Most women want to look good. It's a great feeling to go out in the morning having a sense of confidence about our appearance. Yet, we can easily believe the lies of the enemy who suggests to us that this is an unattainable goal. I have to say that my inspiration for disproving the enemy came from a 70 year-old woman who attended my church. She lived on a small budget, but she always looked fabulous. How did she do it? Well she knew exactly what suited her in terms of garment shapes and colors, she kept her hair fashionably cut and she would study the latest trends and add something into her wardrobe every season. It might only be a scarf, a small clutch bag or a rhinestone bangle but it was enough to keep her looking vibrant and current.


So where do we start? Firstly, I believe every woman has a minimum of one great feature. It might be thick luxuriant hair, stunning eyes, beautifully shaped hands, a trim waist, shapely legs or a great figure. We can start by making sure we accent those positive features by drawing attention to them. For example beautiful hair needs good styling, and looks its best when kept in peak condition, great eyes can be enhanced by wearing flattering colors close to the face and pretty hands can be highlighted with well manicured nails and stunning jewels. If you have a small waist then make the most of it with some fitted tops and jackets and shapely legs need good quality hose and medium to high-heeled shoes. If you are unsure about your best features then ask a friend to tell you.

The next step is to analyze our bodies and discover their true shape. This is vital because when the new trends arrive each season we'll be able to select styles that suit us. It's never good to fight against our natural body shape. Even if you desire to be a little more slender you can still dress your shape and look beautiful. Looking stylish is all about accepting who we are and not trying to imitate someone else. In fact when we slavishly try to copy someone else's look, this is when we are most likely to fail. God wants us to celebrate our own uniqueness.

The most common body shapes are, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, apple and straight. To discover which category you fall into it's a good idea to remove your clothes and stand in front of a full-length mirror. Then, make an honest appraisal of what you see. In addition, study a photograph of yourself in a swimsuit. As our figures can change over time it's worth re-examining ourselves every few years.

Once we have concluded which body type we are we are then ready to freshen-up our wardrobes by adding in some of the current fashion trends.


BLACK AND WHITE - This color combination always looks good and will work for any shape. Simplicity is the key in 2014 and there is no fussy detailing. Think of the swinging sixties and all those boxy and shift shapes. Take a beautiful white shirt (clean asymmetric lines are a big trend), and add a plain black skirt and you have your look. If you are heavy on the hips then use black for a skirt or pants. But if your shape category is the inverted triangle then do the reverse - white pants and a black top.

PRETTY PASTELS - The sugar sweet look of soft pink, baby blue, lavender or mint green can add a touch of femininity to your wardrobe. Two fabrics are proving especially popular this year and they are lace and leather. Biker-style leather jackets in these sugary shades are perfect for a spring/summer wardrobe and partner well with a light summer dress. The boyish-style of the biker means it needs careful layering if you are very curvy, but it's the perfect garment for those with a straight shape. Lace fabric worked in pastel colors is a perfect combination. Whether it's styled into a classic shirt-shape, or used for a lined skirt, it's the garment to reach for if you want to feel girly. Curvy ladies may like to try the new softly-shaped dirndl that finishes just below the knee. To ensure the lace hangs well look for a skirt with a good quality lining.

ETHNIC INSPIRATION - If your passion is for strong colors and vibrant prints then this is the look for you. The key word is spice-suggesting shades of burnt orange, crimson red, mustard and brown. The danger with the ethnic look is that it can look messy and sometimes less is definitely more. Use these powerful colors on a wide wrap, a beautiful belt or even a large tote. This look can definitely work for week-end wear, and a just-above-the-knee tunic or shirt dress partnered with some plain pants is easy to wear and works for most figures.

JEWELLED - This particular look has been around for the past couple of years and as far as designers are concerned is definitely worth promoting for another year. It's a clever way of giving a simple garment the wow factor. Think of a classic shirt that has a collar studded with small rhinestones. Or, the cuffs of a simple black dress trimmed with row upon row of crystal beads. This is such an easy look to add to your wardrobe because designers have added these beaded finishes to a multitude of garment shapes. You'll find them on pockets, along hems and on clutch bags. So no matter which shape you are this look will definitely work for you.

LOOK RADIANT - The accolade for 'the' color of 2014 is a stunning shade called Radiant Orchid. It has elements of being both warm and cool with its pink and purple tones. So, to find out if it's for you hold a swatch next to your face. Even if this isn't your perfect shade don't dismiss it. Use it as an accent color on a handbag, some leather gloves or perhaps a wide watchstrap and some bangles. But if you can wear this attention-grabbing pink/purple shade then add it in the form of an investment piece to your wardrobe. A wrap-coat, a blazer or classic sheath dresses are some possible options.

Confidence is essential for the mature fashionable woman. Most women need to first feel good about their own exterior appearance before they can inspire change or revelations in others. Dressing appropriately and fashionably is the easiest way to build confidence and earn respect. Accentuate the "I" in you it is truly a beautiful reflection.